Workshops for Individuals – Steps to Success and Satisfaction

Steps to Success and Satisfaction

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This is a holistic empowerment workshop, where Swamiji teaches people to be both an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’ winner. Being an ‘inner’ winner gives one satisfaction. Being an ‘outer’ winner gives success. Success and satisfaction should be the wings of life. One can be successful, but if one is not satisfied, then there will be incompletion. To get what you like is success, and to like what you get is satisfaction.

The workshop helps one create a paradigm shift in understanding what lies at the core of true satisfaction and success. Swamiji explains that trust, happiness and love are some of the key ingredients for success.

‘One should learn to put one’s trust in happiness and not in hurt, in commitment, not in complaint, in love, not hate, in goodness, not glamour. If trust, love, goodness and happiness are your life’s principles, you will be filled with a new energy that will make you see a world beyond the selfish perspective. 
The moment you become caring, you will find people get attracted to you. Life’s greatest joy is when you are loved. When a study was done on successful people, they found that people skill was the most important factor of success. Unless you are caring, people will not be attracted to you.’

– Swami Sukhabodhananda

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