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What is ‘Mantra-Yoga’ Program?

Mantra Yoga is a peerless program conceived by Poojya Swami Sukhbodhananda and conducted by his personally trained Seminar Leaders.                                                                                                                   Mantra Yoga program is a blend of the wisdom of our scriptures, and the modern day management techniques that enables you to become a ‘total quality individual’.

Poojya Swamiji says, “Chittam Mantraha” – your mind should become a mantra, and how does the mind become a mantra? First Visham Thyajet – avoid poisonous food; poisonous food for the body; poisonous food for the mind; poisonous food for the intellect; poisonous food for the emotion; poisonous food for the soul – all should be avoided – Visham Thyajet!

Mantras are powerful vibrations. They help us connect to the higher self. So, this seminar is called as “MANTRA YOGA”.

Mantra Yoga is a unique workshop conceived by Swamiji and conducted by his students. It offers practical day to day tools to handle one’s life, wisely and powerfully. It is a blend of the wisdom of our scriptures and the modern management techniques enabling a person to become a total quality individual.

MANTRA YOGA -The Inner Awakening:

We have a Mind, but who is the master of this Mind? – Me or compulsive thoughts.                                        “Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha” Mantra helps us to be the leader of this army of thought.  Every thought has a feeling. Disruptive emotions are shaping my personality or scared mind is shaping me.

“Om Krishnaya Namaha” gives the direction to handle emotion.Each one of us wants auspicious things to happen in life.

“Om Nama Shivaya” Mantra teaches us to unite with those higher forces. “Shakti Sandhaane Shareera Utpati” says Shiva Sutra. When we deal in this world, we find people are difficult.

We have unspoken fear of death, public speaking and rejection.“Mruthyunjaya Mantra” helps us to come out of it.

Fourth state of consciousness is going beyond Mind, but changes which is part and parcel of life creates so much noise in us. So, either we flight with changes or freeze or flight. “Gayathri Mantra” helps us to deal with change by becoming at peace with change. This programmes helps a person to relax and at the same time be effective in life.

Come, learn what the following mantras mean, and how to chant them rightly, precisely and effectively to gain maximum benefits

Learn what “OM Gum Ganapathaye Namaha” Mantra means and how it helps you.                                    Learn what “OM Krishnaya Namaha” Mantra means and how it helps you.        Learn what “OM Namah Shivaya” Mantra teaches us, what it signifies and how it helps you. Learn what “Mrithyunjaya Mantra” means and how it helps you.                                                                        Fourth state of consciousness is going beyond the Mind. Here, “Gayathri Mantra” helps us immensely. Learn what “GayathriMantra” means and how it empowers YOU

“Modern day science states that 70% of heart attacks occur due to stress. Stress is due to problematic life style and problematic working style. If 50% of heart attacks are due to genetic problems, 50% of the heart attacks can be even due to atmospheric factors. Due to external and internal atmosphere the stress level goes up. When one is highly stressed out, the adrenaline starts pumping faster; adrenaline prepares you for a ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ situation …which in turn makes you get worked up over small things.”

What is ‘Stress’? Again, it is vibration, but it is a negative vibration. “If there is a negative, there has to be a positive. If there is white, there has to be black. If there is darkness, there must be light. If there is night, there must be day. So, if there are negative vibrations, there must be positive vibrations. Our Yogis have done a lot of research in ‘Positive Vibrations’ and the outcome of the research is Tantra, Yantra and Mantras!

Benefits of program:

  1. Enhance health
  2. Managing stress
  3. Handling difficult people
  4. Achieving goals
  5. People skills
  6. Healing hurt and upset
  7. Handling anger
  8. Unlocking bliss centres
  9. Increasing intuitive ability
  10. Balancing holistic life


  1. Mantras and explanations
  2. Processes
  3. Games
  4. Meditations
  5. Pranayamas

Mantra Yoga Program has participation of rich mix of professionals, businessmen, home makers, students, industrialists and executives as its participants. Persons in the age group of 18 years and above are eligible to participate. Mantra Yoga programs conducted all over the world has deeply impacted people.

Part of the proceeds of program are used to run social activities of the trust.

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