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Four day Workshop

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Why are we here? What are we meant to do with our lives? And what is our true purpose? Sooner or later, we all experience some sort of existential angst that leads us to ask such tough questions. It could be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a career or a job or any other life-changing event. All these questions can be challenging to deal with and in some cases, crippling. But they lead to a journey of exploration and self-discovery that can help one find true meaning and peace in their lives.

We are all filled with rich inner resources that remain untapped and forgotten in busy, hectic schedules and lives. It is only during times of stress or change, when we are forced to re-assess ourselves, that the value of these inner resources is realized.

The Existential Laboratory is in essence a journey of self-exploration guided by Swami Sukhabodhananda. Surrounded by nature and far removed from the stress of ever-day life, it facilitates a process of building on inner strength to understand oneself and grow. Through that understanding, one can find a purpose and a meaningful life.

There is much we have to unlearn and forget in order to reach that level of understanding. A return to nature and innocence, a diligent effort at simplifying and working to ‘let go’ instead of holding on, are just some of the things that Swamiji explains and explores.

He uses a series of passive and dynamic meditation techniques, participants learn to:
• replenish frozen tears with warmth and love
• replace 
           – rigidity with a certain ‘flowingness’ and childlike innocence
           – seriousness with playfulness
           – knowledge with wonderment
           – confinement with celebration
           – withholding with letting go

Underpinning all of these techniques is an emphasis on returning to our simple and natural selves. It is when we go back to a sense of child-like wonderment that life can become a celebration, instead of a burden filled with angst. The Existential Laboratory is a hallmark program of Swamiji’s, and has, over the years, grown into a one of his most popular.

This is a four day residential retreat is held in a resort far from the maddening crowd in serene surroundings to experience oneself  amidst the natural surroundings under the guidance of the master

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