Workshops for Individuals – Art of Wise Parenting

Art of Wise Parenting

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The program will focus on:

  1. Importance of Parenting Motivation, people skills, parenting as a learning journey, to operate from openness.                                                                                                                                                                            Family Game as ice breakers – mainly to know each other.
  2. Empowering Parents to be skilled in employing various avenues for effectiveness.
  3. To come from an understanding that a child is a God’s gift. As a parent we are only trustees.
  4. Sow the seeds of self-reliance in the child and ward off the peer influence and conformity factor which brings stress to the child.
  5. Learn to adopt innovative and creative methodologies in communicating important values to the child.
  6. As parents to work on linguistic, spatial, musical, body, logical, perceptive and emotional intelligence of the child.
  7. Understanding the patterns in children and balancing the energies in a child.
  8. Develop the capacity to observe the profound quality in a child. E.g. patience, passion, adventurous,
  9. exploring, systematic, expressive etc.
  10. Learn to accept imperfection. To operate from the concept – this moment is full and whole.
  11. Explain the importance of appreciating something genuine.
  12. Handling hurt, trauma… to deal with negative emotions.
  13. To understand that each part of the family is important and what they can contribute to the well being of the family irrespective of the age.
  14. Handling words of disempowerment – from you to your goal.
  15. Align with the pace of life as it shows up.
  16. Art of mind management, balancing male and female energies in a child & different styles of parenting

Methodology of the Program

  1. Interaction – Dialogue oriented not lecture oriented
  2. Group discussion to enhance collective empowerment
  3. Processes and drills – game oriented
  4. Meditations to enhance peacefulness and blissfulness and creativity

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