Workshops for Corporates – STRESS MANAGEMENT


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World Health Organization says the second greatest killer by the year 2020 will be Depression.  Our lives have become more outward oriented rather than inward oriented. We feel the external is the cause for our joy and also our sorrow. We don’t realise that the outer is not in our control. It is the internal state of our being that is in our control. Once we focus on the internal the external can be handled easily. Someone calls you a monkey. You get stressed and tense; you react and call him a donkey. He says lizard, you get more stressed and call him a cockroach. This is an unwise approach. The wise way would be to ask yourself are you a monkey? if NO! Just tell him wrong number. If you are a monkey no need to get stressed. Getting stressed up only means you have a doubt deep within that you maybe a monkey.  It is not the word monkey but the interpretation of the word which created stress. We don’t edit and audit our interpretation mechanism

Stress is of two types’ External stress and internal stress.                                                                                          External stress is due to the pollution, negative people around you, and type of food you take. Internal stress is your thoughts, beliefs, value systems, conclusions, dogmas, conditionings etc., which influence our interpretation mechanism. The veda says atmavit shokam tarati. One who knows himself overcomes all difficulties in life. Therefore, it is important to audit and edit oneself.

There is an external world of things and there is the internal world of thoughts. More than the situation it is thought that creates stress. Whenever you are stressed or upset look at your thoughts. Are you having the thought or are thoughts having you? Learn to become a master of your thoughts rather than being a victim to your thought. This is the best way to handle stress. You cannot avoid stress but you can manage it wisely.