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When we are physically sick we immediately take the help of a doctor. fair enough. When we are mentally sick it is taboo to express why? World health Organization says the second greatest killer by 2020 will be depression. Stress, tension, mood swings, insecurity, hurts, irrational fears, inferiority complex or superiority complex, disproportionate anger, one upmanship are a part of mental sickness. All of humanity deep within wants to cure itself of this disease. It is in search of this elusive eternal happiness and peace that every one of us craves for.

Principles of Healing and Growth management – a four day residential workshop is specifically designed to fulfil this fundamental human need. Through this carefully designed program, participants look at multiple layers of their personality in order to overcome various challenges of life. Healing on the psychological and emotional domains is the prime focus.

There is a Conscious mind which forms only ten per cent of the whole while the unconscious mind forms the balance 90 per cent. Most of our complicated personal reactions are hidden layers of personality, a result of  complex memory layers of our past filled with hurts upsets, disappointments etc., which form” Enneagrams” constitute the unmanifest unconscious self.



  1. Studying Mind structures and conscious recreation of painful incidents to dim the power of such incidents and heal one self.
  2. Conscious Duplication of an experience under the vedic model
  3. Mind traps and their life programming stories with their unconscious content will be opened up in a space of healing
  4. Reframing the Traumatic experiences in a space of love and sacredness thus enhancing one’s quality of life.


  1. Enhancing the clarity of one’s understating thru Vitarka Yoga an ancient vedic practice
  2. Yoga Nidra and hypnosis processes to address and heal the habitual patterns, hurts and insecurities.
  3. Dynamic processes of catharsis to unburden oneself of the loads of obstacles hindering the process of being peaceful and blissful in life.
  4. Introducing the occult practices of drawing the divine energies from trhe vedic symbols of OM, Swastika and Srichakra
  5. Ancient practices of pranayama coupled with vikalpa to energise oneself and connect to higher centres of ones being.


  1. Internal ailing structures, patterns and problems continue to reoccur but instead of acting them out or by dramatizing them, one begins to experience them healingly and eventually to “experience them out” is an inner healing art, which is being taught.
  2. It is one thing to be the prisoner or captive of an ordinary automatic fear reaction pattern. It is quite another thing to watch fear arise from a context in which fear pattern transcends into a space of joy.
  3. The anatomy of an experience is explored in this workshop. The theory of chaos is transcended into an experience of cosmos


The principles of inner growth, drawing models from Indian heritage especially Vedas, and allowing one have a “peak experience” in and through the ups and downs of life is a unique driving skill. This creative living and enhancing growth is the “context of all contexts” in which enlightenment is achieved in the already enlightened space. The teachings would be both structured and flexible.