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O Mind Relax Please

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The program aims to empower participants to glide through work with a sense of progress and achievement. It addresses challenges of pressure at work, fatigue and stress in the workplace, facilitating a process by which to turn ‘conflicts’ into ‘challenges’.

The program offers:
• Impactful models to imbibe powerful insight, to bring forth creativity and spontaneity and discover life nourishing patterns rather than life defeating ones.
• Practical workouts using science of Pranayams and Mudras as an antidote fatigue and stress in the workplace
• Techniques to gracefully alight to change
• Processes to synergize a healthy mind with a healthy body

Through the program, you will be able to bring both the inner and outer worlds into the range of your observation. The more conscious you are of the inner world, the more objectively you will see the outer world. The ability to be objective is a part of wise living. 

‘Aren’t we a consequence of our conditioning and our past experiences? Are we adding years to our life or adding life to our years?’ – Swami Sukhabodhananda