Workshop for youths – Vision for excellence in life

Vision for excellence in life

A four day workshop for teenagers

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The formative years in every human being starts in childhood and sprouting of the same happens in the teenage years. It’s a man making process that each family and society as a whole should awarefully operate. The values that are ingrained during this early life go a long way in the formation of the quality of life that each one lives and propagates within and without.
What does a child want to be in future? the general answer that comes out is become an engineer/ doctor/fashion designer/ scientist so on and so forth.How many of them say they would like to be a good human being?

Who are the role models for the youth fraternity today? More often with the media blitz it’s the glamorous world that is attractive. Hence the film world heroes and heroines seem to be their role models.

Let’s ask this question should glamour be the basis of life or goodness be the basis of life? Don’t you think the building of glamour should have the foundation of goodness?

Don’t you think confidence building, improving memory skills, concentration skills, and managing time effectively, supporting each other as a team ,public speaking and communication skills, enjoying the process of learning and adopting systematic study skills is the basis which is essential for the younger generation of today?

Education is not WHAT TO THINK but HOW TO THINK. The thinking ability of the child has to be stimulated and encouraged for a better exploration into life’s various situations that the child is likely to face in future.

Isn’t it necessary to ask some of these fundamental questions which need to be addressed by all of us responsible humans and citizens of this beautiful planet?

Prasanna Trust under the guidance of International Spiritual Master and Corporate Guru Swami Sukhabodhananda is conducting a four day residential youth camp exclusively for teenagers called “VISION FOR EXCELLENCE IN LIFE” .
The Vision of this workshop is to create not only good human beings but holistic human beings by way of addressing all these fundamental questions enumerated above.

Children don’t want advice or lectures but they will respond to a learning space which is activity based, access to audio-visual presentation , games and group dynamics, fun oriented learning in a space of enjoyment. This is the methodology which is adopted in this workshop.

A one day outdoor adventure camp which makes the children learn how to be in harmony with nature will energise them.
A program which has been in existence since the last two decades which has impacted the lives of more than a lakh of students in various forms and locations all over India is a must for the younger generation . Wouldn’t you want your children also be a part of this learning space? Come and join this man making process. Let’s create a value based youth fraternity for a better society and a better world to live in.

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