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Healthy Minds for Youth

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Life is a mind game. A happy, positive mindset can significantly improve the quality of life of a human being. But staying positive in the face of life’s challenges is not easy. A program for self management, this focuses on how to cultivate the kind of attitude and mindset required for a balanced and happy life.

Designed for youth and adults alike and conducted by our Seminar Leaders (facilitators developed by Prasanna Trust), the Healthy Minds program uses techniques based in Indian spirituality and thought for self-exploration and self-initiatied growth.

It is especially suited for some of the most formative years of a person’s life: the ages of 12 to 25 years. Negative peer pressure, exam pressure, emotional turmoil from life-changing events, among many other challenges, makes this a particularly difficult period. It is also during this time that lasting impressions and belief systems are formed. We shape our world views, our approaches to problems, our personal likes and dislikes through our experiences during these years.

Part of our work in spiritual transformative education is to equip youth with the life skills they will need for a bright, well-balanced life. Whilst schools and colleges provide a certain kind of knowledge and understanding, there are many life skills that are not adequately addressed in the Indian education system.

Some of these include:
• Interpersonal and people skills
• Time management
• Decision making
• Public speaking
• Increased creativity
• Self confidence
• Indian value system

Our children and youth programs address their unspoken and unmet needs through a combination of modern training methods and lessons from ancient Indian thought.

Why ?

  1. Depression – the Largest Killer by 2020 – WHO report
  2. 58% of youngsters in Mumbai had considered suicide. TOI survey: :
  3. 38% of the youngsters indulge in Self-harm in various forms.
  4. One Minute Madness leading to 25 years of Jail and Repentance
  5. The new generation is so fraught with pressures, hyper expectations, family discord, experimentations, stress and anxieties that parenting becomes even more confusing, challenging and stressful. : Dr Zirak Marker – Reputed psychiatrist
  6. Every family – be it in any strata – seem to experience some degree of disquiet in terms of Marital Harmony, familial relationships, work-home balance and self-esteem.
  7. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, our Ex-President had predicted and duly endorsed by the RBI, that India will be a Super Power by 2020. However, the citizens who will carry this forward and make this a reality seem to lack the skill.
  8. “Unhealthy Minds” – evident in Community – refer news and media
  9. Exponential increase in Violence and Crime and Erosion of Values among Peers.
  10. Education is no guarantee for Healthy Mind. Crime, Suicide and Disorganised Thought rampant among educated class.
  11. “Inner Poverty in the Midst of Outer Abundance” is indeed a curse on Society.



What can Prasanna Trust do ?

“ HEALTHY MINDS “ is the PREVENTIVE ACTION to insulate the youth. Prasanna Trust is the premier NGO in addressing students above 8th standard to create the impact. In the last two years, the Trust has addressed over 78,000 students in over 174 institutions all over India with their highly impactful program. “ Healthy Mind” is a synergic group counseling program that installs a high sense of self- esteem and leaves a window open for all creative possibilities. Excellent feedback has been received from the students, teachers and Principal on the impact of the program. We seek the support of Well-meaning Citizens of this country to make it a possibility to reach the maximum number of youth.

What does Prasanna Trust need ?

The requirement of the program is an LCD projector with sound cord, laptop and a cordless collar mike to address 200 students at one time in an appropriately undisturbed auditorium. Facilitator / Seminar Leaders of Swami Sukhabodhananda from Prasanna Trust are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Gujarati. The contribution cost per 200 students / institution will be Rs.10,000/- within the regions of Metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Baroda, Chennai. Patrons interested to have the program taken in their favorite school / college may provide the name of the institution with address and contact person with number.

Prasanna Trust: Serving the Poor

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