Who you are, in three simple words

It is easy to look at modern living and think we have accomplished much as humanity. Today, Man is able to fly into the sky and cross the globe in a few hours. Or dive into the deep seas and witness the wonderous abundance of oceanic life. We can pick up a small device in our hand and speak to someone else on the other end of the world.

Still, can we say that we have grown as humanity? Our weapons of mass destruction have increased tremendously. Nations have become more efficient in destroying each other. Religions have become more organized in broadcasting how they are better and how the other is bitter.

Human consciousness has not grown. We are still clouded by ignorance of our true nature. Who are you? This is a very profound question.

Let us delve deeper into the complexities of this question. What are you at your core? Vedic texts tell us that we are ‘sat’, ‘chit’ and ‘ananda’.

You are eternal (sat)

You are consciousness. Consciousness is limitless. It is infinite. That which is infinite cannot be destroyed. Since it cannot be destroyed, it is called ‘sat’ or eternal.

You have a desire to know (chit)

You cannot stand ignorance. You always want to eliminate ignorance. The desire to know does not mean it is confined to one particular branch of knowledge, but the desire for knowledge itself.

You are filled with happiness (ananda)

Every one of us, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, age etc. wants to be happy. Happiness is not something to be achieved or acquired. Happiness is your very nature. It is infinite, eternal and complete.


You are sat-chit-ananda. This is the nature of the soul or the atman. The greatest fallacy is that we are in search of that which we already possess. It is the layers of our own ignorance that fails to recognize our true nature. The fundamental desire is a desire for sat, chit and ananda. We are consciously putting an effort to fulfil it. 

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