what the world needs?

What the world needs? people need you around. You’re an integral part of this world and make it a better place by doing what you love, rather than settling for less. I ask them, “Why would anyone care at all?”


These trying times are why we need you to do better. The world is a harsh and challenging place, so it’s up to us all to get better.


It’s normal for people to feel a certain way at different periods of time. Sometimes, people don’t have as much confidence and worry about what is going on or what may happen out of their control in the future and the growth of technology. They tend to live in a more negative mindset. This negative state of mind results in the individual losing hope.


It can be draining to have to focus so much on negative aspects of everything we do. All the time we spend worrying about the downside lets us forget about all the good things that happen in our lives.


This creates room for hatred, negativity, violence and other issues. And this is tilting the world towards negativity. Because we focus too much on things we don’t have, we can’t appreciate what we have.


The chance to live is not something that we should take for granted. We easily forget how blessed we are to have this opportunity given to us. We don’t realize how luxurious it is to complain about our lives because many people don’t even get to complain.

When we commuted to the office, we complained about heavy traffic. However, now that we are working from home and have the children around us, it is more challenging.

It feels like technology robbed us of our time with family & kids by making traffic seem endless. But now we’ve got an AI assistant to remind us we’re not stuck in congested traffic!


And this is why the world needs more people who choose not to complain, appreciate life and live an extraordinary life. Because an extraordinary life is not about having more things or doing more things but appreciating what we have and living our life to the fullest.


When you choose to become extraordinary and live an extraordinary life, you choose not to complain and appreciate life. When you appreciate life, you will create a positive aura around you.


You will spread a positive vibe to people around you. When people see how you appreciate life, they will learn to see life in new terms. They will also learn to appreciate their life.


Even if you are facing a challenging situation, it’s sure to be forgotten when you meet the most irresistible baby and smile back.

And that’s how God designed us.


That’s how you will create a positive chain reaction, spreading happiness and love and tilting the world towards happiness.



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You have the responsibility to make the world a better place for people around you and for the generations to come. And to fulfill the responsibility, you need to elevate yourself.


Because you can and because the world needs you.

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what the world needs


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