What Is May Day And Why Is It Celebrated-May Day 2022

May Day 2022

Significance of May Day in India

May Day or International Workers’ Day is celebrated the world over on the 1st of May, including in India. For the day, both public and government offices, schools and colleges remain closed.  This year may day 2022 it is celebrated world wide.

May Day is an occasion to remember the contribution and sacrifices of workers in our society. It also serves as a reminder of when workers first started protesting against unfair labour laws, rights violations and poor work conditions. Workers started to get more organized after organizations like the IWMA were founded. Unions and cooperatives pointed out inequalities and acted as representatives of workers.

The day has come when the police are being dispatched to enforce the demand for 8-hour workday s instead of 16 hour workdays. Following the famous protests that were mentioned in the article, more workers joined protests and it took until 1916 for the US to acknowledge 8-hour work timings.

There’s a day of celebration in India, but it’s not the same as everyone else. People there traditionally celebrate the Labour Day on May 1st because they had a Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan, which was headed by Comrade Singaravelar. But anyhow, they felt that everybody should be granted with an extra day off work and have a national. May Day has traditionally been celebrated since

May Day, or International Workers’ Day, is a day for speeches by union leaders and cultural events. Schools, colleges and offices are usually closed on this day.

International Workers’ Day History

There was a general strike in Chicago in 1886 where the union of workers were demanding an 8-hour workday. This led to violence and police officers had to be sent in to control the crowd. Bombs were thrown at public buildings and from there stories started circulating that it was anarchists. There have been many workers killed and injured in fights such as this one. A trend has started overseas with annual rallies happening on International Workers’ Day after a few years.

May Day, the international workers’ holiday, was celebrated for the first time in India in 1923 in Chennai. There are now parades by trade unions across the country. We plan to organize contests for youngsters to make them realize the importance of gender equality. On the day, we will have speeches from politicians who are in favor of women’s rights.

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