What did we learn from E-lab

This write-up on E-lab is provided by Sri Pratap Reddy, Bangalore, India.

“E-lab is a practical exposure to experientially experience the experience. It has given us an insight that nature is also a creation which we need to respect. We are taught to communicate with the trees & plants and express our feelings & gratitude to them. We met all kinds of wonderful people from all walks of life. We learnt to build a good rapport with them. We are made to do different processes which enable us to throw out our stress & empty ourselves. With this we learnt to make ourselves light. We had lot of discourses from Swamiji which addressed a lot of practical problems we are going through in our daily life and gave us an insight as to how to deal with them. It has taught us practically the concept of operating from happiness & not for happiness. It has taught us to rise in love & not to fall in love. It has taught us to be unconditionally happy and not make situations decide our happiness. It gave us the insight of keeping the remote control of our emotions to ourselves and to not give that remote to others. It has taught to create our own source of happiness despite the limitations around us.

You go through something known as death process. This process creates within us the value of life and people around us. It helps us to transform our old self to new self. It teaches us that nothing is permanent. At the time of departure from this world we leave everything all our wealth, power, name, fame etc. It teaches us the value of our family around us. It makes us wonder why people fight for wealth and kill each other for it. Towards the end nothing comes with us when we leave this world. So, we learnt to rejoice the people around us like family, friends etc since life is very short. We are in the nature the whole day. So, we experience the different types of weather that prevails the whole day. Early morning it would be cool & pleasant. Along the day it gets sunny. During afternoon when the heat is at the peak we are facilitated to take our quota of rest. We feel fresh in the evening. We experience a still weather during early evenings. During late evenings we find cool breeze. During some days we even experience rain. This makes us tolerant to all kinds of weather. The bon fire dance during late evenings is fun filled. Here we are taught to empty all our inhibitions and just dance. We are made to feel that even if our dance is not good, let others suffer and you enjoy yourself. We also learnt the techniques to eat. We are taught the food is divine and we should think of God before putting a morsel in our mouth and enjoy every morsel and eat slowly. Finally towards the end of the e-lab we return as transformed individuals. It is more like returning from a holiday. Sukhoham!”

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