Uplifting experience at the E-Lab

This testimonial about the Existential Lab is provided by Sri Soma P, Bangalore, India.

“This E-lab is set in a mango groove in an extremely natural and serene atmosphere and conducive ambience for an elated experience for the participants! There was plenty of music, sacred fire and dance as an expression of ecstasy!

Swamiji conducted the sessions with dexterity providing plenty of seeds of wisdom to be an inner winner and outer winner in life. Several meditation techniques were taught and practiced. Several processes which connect one to nature and each other intuitively brought out the sensitivity of participants hitherto unexplored. And, the game to bring out the traits of a great master and a student was absorbing!

The death process was unique as it brought out the reality of human life and death and how to gracefully leave this world! Prasanna pranayama is a masterpiece that will help one achieve utrayana.

So much of existential knowledge and wisdom to lead a serene and happy life was given in these four short days. Immensely valuable life changing interactions with Swamiji with his personal touch is a highlight.

Overall, a life changing program! Sukhoham”

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