Perform like a leader

“The worst among foolish men is one who blames others when himself is blameworthy, who exhibits anger towards those over whom he has no control.” (A Sanskrit saying) Q: What are performance and perception dimensions that a leader should be aware of? Be it in the corporate world or at home? There is no doubt that you have…

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Existence and Being

Have you pondered on the difference between ‘Being’ and ‘Existing’? Are they the same thing to you or do they mean something different? People love the idea of increasing their knowledge, and this topic is something we need to increase our knowledge and experience about. In some parts of the world, people know there is a distinction between ‘knowledge’ and…

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A wise gift to oneself

A student once asked his master, “Please give me a wise practice…a kind of spiritual discipline that I can follow every day.” The master suggested he sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and dust the house. The student wondered loudly how such an unusual advice could be a wise practice. The master replied, “When you sweep the floor, your body…

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Emptying your Inner Cup

‘A student learns one-quarter from his master, the second quarter from fellow students, and the third when he teaches. Timeand experience confer the last quarter.’ -A Sanskrit saying. Someone once asked me why I was learning martial-art. How was it useful for a spiritual teacher to know martial art? While I gave the person a response at that time, I…

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A conversation with mother

Mother was up early in the morning, waiting for me to wake up. On waking up, I took her blessings and then we finished our morning prayers. Then over tea, she said, “Your teaching is so simple, yet at the same time profound. You have the blessings of great masters. But I have a doubt, why don’t more people take…

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Be a winner, inside and out!

Every human being aspires to be successful and experience satisfaction in the world. But for a spiritual student, the rules are a little different. A spiritual student, Swami Sukhabodhananda says, needs to be a Columbus in the field of consciousness to be successful or experience satisfaction. He/She has to explore, take risks, and go deeper not only in the outer…

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Let Go of Worry

Have you observed your mind? Did you notice that the mind is always focused on what it feels is missing? Man or woman, the human tendency is to focus on what we do not have rather than what we have. Doing this makes us miserable! A day of worrying is more tiring than a day of work. Even then, we…

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Awakening Joy in life

All of us face difficult and challenging situations in life that leave us battling emotions like anger, hatred and jealousy. Challenging situations make us feel extreme disappointment, unhappiness, and frustration. This is usually because of an imbalance in an energy field in us. This energy field, or the Navarasa as is it called, has to be balanced. When all the…

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Prasanna Trust: Serving the Poor

Serving the marginalized and the poorest of the poor irrespective of class, creed, religion, colour or caste since 1982.