swami sukhabodhananda bhagavad gita

What is World Earth Day?

Earth Day, first held on April 22, 1970, now includes a wide range of events coordinated around the world by EarthDay.org (formerly the Earth Day Network), including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. The April 22 event was a success and led to Earth Day celebrations in thousands of colleges, universities, schools and communities, making it the second…

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What are you accepting into your mind?

Is blindly accepting other’s words, the root cause of all upsets in life? What do we do when someone expresses their anger towards us or speaks to us in a belittling way? The answer to this question can be found in this incident from the life of the Buddha. Once Buddha went to beg with his disciple Ananda. When they…

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Why is Ugadi festival celebrated as the New Year?

Ugadi festival is celebrated in parts of India and Nepal. The grand celebration commemorates the beginning of all time, when Lord Brahma created the universe. The day itself is considered to be very auspicious and celebrates the moment that Lord Brahma began creating all days, weeks, months and years. Ugadi is the celebration of the new year in the Indian…

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What is Chaitra Navaratri and why is it celebrated?

Festivals play an important role in uniting people and creating awareness about their faith. Festivals refresh our life routine. The busy schedules of our life keep us away from all our family members and activities. So in that time these festivals give a pause to the day-to-day routine and help us to get back to our roots. These godsends are…

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The kindness of difficulties

A thought that haunts many people in the world is – “Why should there be so much unkindness in the world? Many people wonder why life is so difficult. Is there a hidden purpose behind this or is life simply a series of accidental events?” My simple response to these questions would be to see life as a purposeful phenomenon,…

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The sacred text of Yoga tells us that there are two ways to look at life, from the lower-self called Jeevathma or from the higher-self called Paramathma. This shift of perception from the lower to the higher self is what leads us from Samsara to Nirvana, or to understand it simply from a sense of deficiency to a sense of…

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A conversation with mother

Mother was up early in the morning, waiting for me to wake up. On waking up, I took her blessings and then we finished our morning prayers. Then over tea, she said, “Your teaching is so simple, yet at the same time profound. You have the blessings of great masters. But I have a doubt, why don’t more people take…

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Be a winner, inside and out!

Every human being aspires to be successful and experience satisfaction in the world. But for a spiritual student, the rules are a little different. A spiritual student, Swami Sukhabodhananda says, needs to be a Columbus in the field of consciousness to be successful or experience satisfaction. He/She has to explore, take risks, and go deeper not only in the outer…

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Prasanna Trust: Serving the Poor

Serving the marginalized and the poorest of the poor irrespective of class, creed, religion, colour or caste since 1982.