Swamiji’s Message

Poojya Sukhabodhananda's Message

Psychology of a Wise Man

The psychology of a wise man is seeing one in many, seeing unity in diversity. The waves in the ocean may be many, but the water is one. Names and forms are different, but the essence is one; chains are different but the gold is the same.

The insight of a wise man is that the world has pleasure, but happiness is within. Pleasure is not equal to happiness. In a state of deep sleep, one is happy without objects. He is awake to this inner kingdom; he is a king without possessions as he is non-possessive. Ego that binds it defines a person to limitation. Being egoless means no limitation. When one is free, without ego, he has no limitation.

A Master used to criticize religion at times.

“Isn’t religion the best of understanding?” asked a student.

“Sometimes it is the best and sometimes the worst” replied the master.

“Why do you say that sometimes it is the worst?”

“Some people are bound by their religion, and hence hate the other, instead of being free and loving others” replied the master.