From Frustration to Fulfillment


Inspirational insights from India’s rich spiritual literature mind liberation is a process of unwinding through unlearning. A free mind is inclusive and absorbs more when in a liberated state. On the other hand, a tense mind has limited space for anything new. It clings to dogmas and detests change. Unless you learn to let go, you’ll experience shrinkage of mind space—in short, frustration. This is where the importance of spirituality comes in. Spirituality blends philosophy and Psychology. Cutting across religious boundaries, you’ll find that there’s common grounding spiritual literature to inspire and lift your spirits when the chips are down. In this book, The author has included case studies drawn from real-life work situations to help you through experience simulation. Come and discover the ways to transform frustration into fulfilment! From frustration to fulfilment is a complete recipe for corporate and family management.



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