Right Thinking Leads to Right Action

A student goes to the master and requests him to give the final message. The master says, “Go to the next monastery and get your final message from that master”. The student to his surprise finds the Master of the next monastery to be a watchman.

When the student requested the Master watchman to teach him, the Master said, “I am illiterate. So, you can just observe me and learn”.

During his one month’s stay with the watchman, the student finds that at night, the Master watchman performs watchman duty and washes the dishes. The student also finds that the Master watchman washes the dishes again in the morning before cooking.

At the end of one month, the frustrated student left the monastery and went back to his master and said, “I can’t learn anything from him”.

“What did you observe”, the master asked.

The student replied, “I find him watching the monastery so that thieves don’t come. Then he washes the dishes in the night and before cooking he again washes the dishes.

The master replied, “That is the ultimate teaching”. One has to watch one’s mind. Thieves of wrong thoughts, wrong intentions, and wrong feelings can invade us. One has to be an inner watchman. Also one’s mind, like the dishes, has to be washed before you retire for the day. Before you start the next day, it has to be washed again with love and prayer. This is the ultimate teaching.

A clean mind can see the fact as fact. You need to have clarity about what you see – i.e., whether you are seeing facts or illusions. When you except others should be like this or that according to your belief or conclusion, then your subjectivity is dumped on the person. So you are not seeing the fact. You are seeing your expectation, and hence you are seeing the illusion in a different sense.

A clean mind should also see what one does not perceive. I mistake the rope to be the snake and get frightened. The non-perception of the rope as the rope is the problem and because of this one wrongly perceives a snake to the rope and gets frightened and thus gets victimized by such perception. So a non-fact, i.e. Snake also can give you a real hurt. See the paradox. So see the fact, see the non-perception, and don’t get caught in your logic. Logic can be twisted anywhere. See how people twist by using the power of logic. So the logic is admirable, but it should be based on fact and not on non-fact.

So right thinking is essential. An action, not based on right thinking is a distortion. If there is no right thinking, there is no right knowledge. Right thinking is not based on thought. Thought is a product of the past and the past influences the present. Then such a thought is not free. Free thought is capable of right thinking. The past can give you references, but it should not decide your perception.

You can put the past to the test instead of acting as a reference that influences your perception in relationships. Life is relationships and relationship is like a mirror. In the mirror, one should see oneself. So in relationships, you need to see for yourself and create the right thinking. Right thought helps to lead your life rightly. Apply this in your work and family life and see the benefit of right thinking.

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