The purpose of life is not simply to survive but to discover inner fulfillment. When life is full, you will not be a victim to failures. When you are comparing, you will always be in a failure track for there is always someone better than you. Hence, all records are always broken even in the field of sports. Hence, comparisons are a failure trap, but it appears it helps you to progress. True progress is discovering one’s inner fullness.

Situations are never the source of failure. Mind is the source of failure. If mind interprets it as a failure, only then one has failed. In fact, mind does not create bondage or freedom but is an instrument which leads to bondage or freedom. Mind can lead you to inner hell or inner heaven. It all depends on how you use the mind. Knife is there, it is not actually dangerous. If you use it wrongly it is dangerous, but you use it wisely, it can help you to cut a loaf of bread etc. Likewise, if you use mind wrongly, there will be more and more misery; but if used rightly, you are uplifted more and more. Hence, a wise way of using the mind is managing one’s life wisely.

One has to be alert, to the above said fact. When an impulse from the outside world falls into your mind, and if the mind receives it with rigidity, with hurt, with anger, with impurity then such a mind is an impure mind. It is not the impulse of the external which is hurting you more. Instead one’s inner translation, one’s inner mind, which receives it is the real issue.

Observe this fact in your daily life. When the boss scolds you, how is your mind receiving it? If it receives it with regret, with resentment, with revenge, you will be in inner flames of fury. But, if you receive it with compassion, with love, with clarity, you will start learning from such an impulse. Unless your mind understands the knack of learning, you will never grow up in life. You will grow old but not grow up.

What is an experience? It is a feeling in response to a challenge. Your response to the external challenge comes from your mind, which is a victim of hurt, anger, upset, judgment, inner conditioning. In other words, response comes from your past. When you respond to a challenge based on your past background, it only strengthens and modifies your background. Hence, you are never free to see, to observe. Thus, you cannot learn.

Learning happens when one is free to observe. But if one is a victim to what one knows, one is bound to what one knows and hence he is not free to see or to observe and hence not free to learn. Hence, management calls for “out of the box thinking”. One is caught in the box of what one knows, and hence no new ideas emerge. Hence, one lacks the ability to see something new or learn something new.

Reflect on this

Nasruddin’s mother was terribly upset and sad because Nasruddin brings his girlfriend home and spends a lot of time with her. “It is very insulting and hurting,” mother told her son. From the next day, Nasruddin stopped bringing his girlfriend home. “Have you broken your affair with her,” mother asked the son.“ “No, I am going to her house and let her mother do the worrying and not you,” Nazurudin replied.

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