Learnings from E-lab

The following write-up is provided by Smt. Lekha, Coorg, India.

“I have been Swamiji’s shishya ever since I attended the first Mantra yoga class more than 11 years back. Have attended 2 e labs.

I practice kara-nyas and anga-nyas every day, as also the mantras and the meditations. Have read and still reading his books.

I lost my son 10 years back. Though in deep sorrow I did not go into a depression because of Swamiji’s teachings. People even told me “you have recovered from your sorrow”. I told them “the loss is there forever but I can face the world because of what I have learnt from Swamiji”.

I lost my husband 2 years back and live on a plantation without any neighbours. I am alone, but not lonely because of Swamiji’s teachings.

At the e lab, which happened in May 2019, it was as usual a very energizing experience.

Though it was the second time every activity became a new one.

Swamiji said that we should creatively use what he has taught us and transform our lives.

Important points from e lab:

  • We should approach everything without like and dislike
  • Hate the sin and not the sinner
  • He asked us to practice the 5 mantras, the prasanna pranayama and read a page from any of his books and we will definitely see a transformation
  • To spread love to everyone and everything
  • Be grateful to our parents in spite of their faults
  • To be happy always and accept both sorrow and joy as God’s prasada
  • Learn from life instead of becoming a victim of it

Above are but a few important points from the workshop. Sukhoham”

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