Swami Sukhabodhananda


One fine day, Almighty God wished to enjoy his creation and descended on the earth.

Those devotees, who recognized Him, clamored around Him like beggars and pestered almighty god for favors. ‘Please give me lots of jewels! Please give me plenty of money!’ They chased Him with requests.

God ran from place to place to escape this nuisance… He went to villages, towns, and cities but nowhere could He escape from the people’s nagging. He found their pleas unbearable. So, he ran towards a temple; there too beggars were in queue with bowls in their hands! He was utterly perplexed as to what to do. Finally, He struck upon an idea.

‘Man does not seek within… nor does introspect about himself! No one delves into one’s own heart! So, that is the best place to hide from this maddening crowd. No one will be able to see me!’ With such a thought, Almighty God entered into the heart of mankind and hid there!

This is a very comical reply to a very serious question as to why God resides within our hearts!

Most of us constantly think about what we can get from others. Hence, we rarely contemplate what we can give to others. Perchance, should we provide a lighting fixture to a temple, we paint our name on the tube so large that no light can ever emanate from that tube!

According to Hindu dharma, when something is donated, it is deemed, ‘This is not mine anymore!’ In Sanskrit, ‘na mama’ means, ‘Not mine.’ By declaring ‘it is not mine” while donating and still painting the donor’s name over it, means what? What dharma does it conform to?

Consider for just a moment. From the time we wake up; the paste, the brush that we use …. until we go to bed at night, using a mosquito repellent ….. all the multifarious things that we utilize throughout the day…are made and provided by hundreds of other people, for us!

It is enough if we think for just a moment, ‘I have received so many things from the community in which I live. In return, what have I done for the community?’ We would realize how deeply we are indebted to the world around us.

Almighty God has given us a wonderful life. Not all brilliant scientists with their combined effort can make bodies such as ours. From the food that we partake in daily, to this globe that rotates relentlessly, the wonders within and without ….. The gifts provided to us are unlimited. Do we express our gratefulness for benevolence?

The very first teaching in the Veda is ‘Learn to be grateful.’ The Sanskrit word ‘Stuti’ means ‘praise unto HIM’ and one must utter His word in total gratefulness.

When we consider all the words that we use in our daily conversation, the one we utilize the most  would be ‘Thanks!’ We have to ask, ‘Does this come from our heart or lips?’

There was a technical snag encountered on a plane in mid-air. The plane began to wobble and the air hostess announced, ‘There is a small problem in the engine. The pilot is attending to it and soon it will be set right.’

But as time went on, it was obvious that the problem had aggravated and the plane was flying haphazardly. The air hostess announced, ‘My dear passengers! Despite the best efforts put in by the pilot, we are unable to rectify the problem. We are sorry, the plane may explode in a few minutes. We thank you for flying with our airlines!’

Leaving the passengers to fend for themselves, she fixed her parachute and jumped off the plane!

So is our ‘Thanks’ to others; many a time, a mere formality like the words of the air hostess!


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