Healing is an inner awakening

Healing is the process of transforming a hurt body into a bliss body. The disorder we see outside in our lives is simply because there is disorder inside us. We are hurt and are suffering. But hurt is a vibration and healing is another vibration. The hurt vibration creates disorder, while the healing vibration creates order. The journey from hurt to healing is the awakening. 

What shall I do in order to be wise?” the student asked the teacher. “As much as you can do to make the Sunrise and Sunset,” the Master replied.

“Of what use are the spiritual practices then?” the student wanted to know. “They only make sure you are awake when the sun rises and the sun sets,” said the Master.


Swamiji, what is the simplest way to bring more healing into my life? 

By bringing in the power of Mantras. Mantras create a magnetic vibration that attracts higher forces. These higher forces are nothing but transforming energies. Please understand, these forces are like radio waves. If your radio is not tuned, you will not receive the radio waves. Just like that, there are healing energies and if one is not tuned, one will not receive it. Mantras create that fine-tuning.

Usually, nothing happens when I listen to mantras or chant them. They just feel like sounds to me? Am I doing something wrong?

If your mind is scattered and tensed, however good a musician may be, you will not receive the melody of the music. If your mind, your apparatus, is not tuned even the best music will escape you. At the same time, another person listening to the same music may feel ecstasy. One should have an abiding mind to discover the depth of music. Similarly, if a person does not have a tuned spiritual apparatus, he will not feel the power and impact of the mantra’s vibrations.

How do I create this spiritual apparatus?

Clarity, devotion and practice are the key. Knowing is not doing, but doing is knowing. I explain more about this in my online program called “ 6 hidden secrets for Mantra Healing.” If one learns to peak prana, the inner breath, an inner transformation happens and this brings about the healing.

What do you mean by peaking prana?

There is an external breath and an internal breath. Martial art refers to this as Aki- inner strength. Like I explain in the online program, one has to explore that to tap into our inner strength.

But Mantras are religious. I am hesitant to practice them? 

They are spiritual, not religious. Does music have a religion? Music is beyond religion and so are mantras. They are cosmic sounds in a zip file. When the right chord is tapped into while playing an instrument, a peaking happens. This is something you will understand as you explore the concept. If you are interested, my book – ‘Looking at life differently,’ explains how this happens. 

Swamiji, I am so busy with work. There is no time for any practice!

However busy you are, you have time to bathe and brush your teeth, don’t you? Remember, if you don’t create time for yourself, time will create stress in you. Busy people are constantly troubled by their negative mental narrative. This causes stress. Stress in turn causes many health issues. Chanting mantras helps change this negative mental narrative, and brings in mental and physical well-being. 

It is like sweating when you exercise…there is a different wellness to that activity. In the same way, transformation happens in unexpected ways while you chant mantras.

So mantras can help me cope with stress? All kinds of stress?

Yes! What happens is that when you are in a wrong state of being, you attract unhappy incidents. These incidents then become your inner references. From that reference, you again attract unhappy incidents. But when you chant mantras as a regular practice, a ‘sweet spot’ in you is discovered. That spot becomes your centre and reference. You then begin to attract wonderful and mystical experiences.

What is a mystical experience?

Don’t focus on the words. The word sweet is not sweet. These are wordless experiences. Please understand, mystical is something beyond words. Words are very limited when we try to explain somethings. One sees duality, but when one can see non-duality in spite of duality, that is a mystical experience.

I didn’t understand, can you explain? 

When we look at the ocean, we can see many waves. But in spite of the many waves (which is duality), we can see there is just one water (which is non- dual). That is an example of non-duality in spite of duality.

The online course – 6 secrets of mantra healing  — helps you explore all this more deeply. If you are interested in really experiencing this, spend just 20 minutes on this daily, and you will see the change.

Is it imperative to chant mantras? Can they really bring healing?

Nothing is imperative in life. But if there is no inner balance, your life will also be chaotic. By chanting the mantras, you reach a state of homeostasis. By nourishing the body and the mind with the healing power of mantras, you bring it into a state of balance. 

The challenging environment of the corporate world and domestic life is full of imbalanced energies. When you are balanced, you will know how to deal with the imbalance. If a person is complicated, even simple things appear complicated. If a person is inwardly simple, he will simplify even complicated things. This is an art I have spoken about in my book, Clarity

Be it a youngster or an adult, if you do not find the ‘sweet spot’ within you, you will search for it outside in drugs, alcohol, etc. And that is why you need the balance, you need the healing energies of mantras. If a surfer goes out to ride the big waves, he has fun. But those same waves can crush a non-surfer. 

Mantra healing makes you a surfer of life. Instead of a curse, your very problems then become a blessing. All you need is the commitment to bring in change.

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