Guru Poornima

The quintessence of Discipleship is being a learner rather than a knower. There are things we know
and things we don’t know but can be known with effort and understanding. There is the third aspect
which is unknowable. The journey of a disciple is from the known to the unknown to the
unknowable. The great saint Purandharadasa says guruvina gulamanaaguva tanaka doreyadanna
mukuti. Unless you serve a guru you can never get enlightened.

The quality of our life is the quality of our consistent practice that we do day in and day out. Indian
ethos has Godliness as the central theme of human life. Every festival has been devised to remind us
of this central theme time and again. Therefore India is a land of festivals. Guru Poornima is one of
where we remind ourselves of the importance of a guru. This is a festival which is celebrated on the full
moon day of the month of Ashada which generally falls in the month of July Thus the guru mantra
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu guru Devo Maheswaraha,
guru saakshaat parabrahma tasmaishri guruve namaha .

What does this mantra mean? Guru is indeed Brahma. Brahma stands for creativity. Guru is Brahma
meaning he creates and installs the value for transformation in the student. Guru is Vishnu. Vishnu
stands for sustenance, meaning he not only creates a value but also teaches him techniques to
sustain these values in his life. Guru is Maheswara. Maheswara stands for destruction. A Guru is
one who also helps the student to destroy all those obstacles which obstruct the path towards
transformation. Thus Guru makes the student come face to face with God Almighty. Salutations to
such a guru who leads us to this ultimate fullness which is symbolized by the full moon celebrated on
the full moon day.

This day is also celebrated as Vyasa Jayanti the birthday of the great master Vyasa Maharishi. It is
because of him that humanity has the privilege of being able to expose itself to the lofty principles of
a wise living in a simple and understandable form. He is the one who systemised the four Vedas,
Authored the Brahma sutras and Mahabharata which has the Bhagavad gita.
“GU” in the word guru stands for ignorance and “RU” stands for that which destroys ignorance.
Hence a guru is one who dispels ignorance. What is the difference between a teacher and a guru
asked the student? A teacher is one who carries the light with him and guides the student. A Guru is
one who himself is the light answered the guru. The last words of Lord Buddha were also the same
Appo Deepo Bhava – Be a light unto yourself.

On this auspicious day Poojya Sukhabodhanandaji renowned Spiritual master and Spiritual Scientist
will be leading us through his discourse and meditation into the divine space of meditative bliss.

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