Growing from Frustration to Fulfilment

More money. More power. More material things. Modern society
defines growth and success by all the things we’ll leave behind when we’re 6-feet
under. These are yardsticks of the Ego (the Identity). It limits our true and
eternal nature to a very small world view. When all of existence is within your
reach and all of the cosmos is in you, but you only see yourself as one human among
7 billion, living on one planet among trillions, then is it not a limitation? The
Ego focuses on that which is limiting and deficient in us. It never celebrates
what is complete and sufficient.

Wake up! See the wonder and beauty of who you are. Then you
will measure the success of your life the right way.

In everyone’s life there are areas of ignorance and darkness
that focus on the wrong things. How can we bring light to these areas? This is
the question we should address. To do this, we should raise our level of
consciousness. The Lord is inviting us to do this.

As you heighten your consciousness, you’ll realize that
everything is a wonder. Even the dance of a leaf dropping is the dance of the
Lord. If you can’t experience this, then ignorance exists. Once you experience
this, however, you will find that life is a miracle. You will see waves of
beauty and even elegance in imperfection. You will see that even imperfection
is God’s great wonder and dance. Sadly, we are trained to see only the visible,
not the invisible. What is invisible, we believe does not exist. You cannot see
the wonder of the cosmos within you, so why should you believe or even accept
that it exists? Please remember this: the fact that there is a form shows that
there is something formless. That which is manifest takes place in the
unmanifest. The day gets defined only when there is a night.

Our yardstick should measure how high we’ve raised our
consciousness, how far we’ve evolved. It should look at how much wonder we
experience in life, not how much we have compared to our neighbour. Five years
back, how long did it take you to get over something upsetting? How long is it
taking you today? If it used to take you 1 day to get over some hurtful words,
have you brought it down to 1 hour? If you have, that means you’ve grown.

To grow and evolve, your mind, your body and your heart have
to align. Understanding through your intellect is gnyana yoga. Understanding through your emotion is Bhakthi yoga and
understanding through action is karma yoga. Through all these 3 can your life be transformed.
Only then will you change from samsara into nirvana and from
frustration into fascination. Whatever you’re doing is only an attitude change.
There is no special time or event you have to create. It is bringing a certain
quality in your consciousness. That quality is what makes an ocean of


Swamiji’s upcoming workshop, Frustration to Fulfilment,
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