One fine day, God wished to enjoy his creations and descended on the earth. The devotees who recognized Him, clamored around Him like beggars and pestered Him for favors. “Please give me lots of jewels! Please give me plenty of money!” They chased after Him with requests.

God ran from place to place to escape this nuisance. He went to villages, towns, and cities but nowhere could He escape from the nagging people who ran behind him. He found their pleas unbearable. So, he ran towards a temple. Even there he found beggars in queues, with bowls in their hands! He was utterly perplexed as to what to do. Finally, He struck upon an idea.

“Man does not seek within… nor does introspect about himself! No one delves into their own heart! So, that is the best place to hide from this maddening crowd. No one will be able to see me there,” he thought. God then entered into the heart of mankind and hid there!

This is a very comical reply to a very serious question about why they say God resides in our hearts. But this parable has a larger lesson. Most of us constantly think about what we can get from others. We rarely contemplate on what we can give others. Even if someone does donate a light fixture to a temple, they paint their name so largely on the tubelight that no light can ever emanate from that tube!

According to Hindu dharma, when something is donated, it is deemed, “This is not mine anymore.” In Sanskrit, ‘na mama’ means ‘not mine.’ Then what does it mean when we still want our name painted on a plaque, even as we are declaring ‘it is not mine’ while donating? 

Think about your day for a moment. From the time you wake up, you use so many things during the day: toothpaste, brush, comb, soap, chair, sofa, pen. Even as you go to bed, you use a mosquito repellent, bed, fan and many other things. All these multifarious things are made and provided by hundreds of other people for us. But do you really stop and think, “I have received so much from this society in which I live, what have I done in return?” If you did, you would realize how deeply you are indebted to the world around you.

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    Awesome writeup by Swamiji.We always learn from Swamiji’s writings.Swamiji is ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Thank You Swamiji.

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    Awesome article of Swamiji


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