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Frustration To Fulfilment 2 Days Workshop -Hyderabad

♦ Redefining Success

Most of us want to be successful, but the way we measure success is in comparison with the others. In such a case, you are successful only when someone else is less than you. That’s not success.

Success is when you have lived out your fullest potential. I will give you methods on how to transform frustration into fulfillment, to minimize stress and maximize joy.

♦ Moving from Efficiency to Proficiency

Efficiency in life is how to deal well with problems you already know. Proficiency is when something completely unknown comes up and you can tackle that with ease.

Making this move from efficiency to proficiency requires you to be aware and present to the world around you, to see things as they are, without the shroud of ignorance. I will show you how to make this paradigm shift.


For More Details: https://www.sukhoham.in/ftf.hyd/

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 Hotel Abode, (Hotel Venkateswara Complex), Adjacent to Lakdikapul Metro Station, Hyderabad - 500004

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