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A Unique Self-Development Program

Interactive dialogue oriented enquiry

We feel success is the be all and end all of life. When we succeed the tension continues because we have to sustain the success rate. If we fail there is a pain of the failure. In both the tension and stress of the case is common.

How to find a suitable alternative and live a harmonious life has been the search of mankind from time immemorial. Our rishis and evolved souls of this world have given us a treasure of wisdom to unlock.

One such program conducted by the international spiritual master and corporate guru Swami Sukhabodhananda is called Existential Laboratory.

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  • Swami Sukhabodhanandaji, through his unique ability to deconstruct the most critical challenges of the individuals/ and corporates and offer holistic solutions, makes him one of the most sought “Corporate Guru”.
  • Swamiji is the author of many bestsellers whose books have sold over a million in more than 113 titles in different languages. His books have made many discover a new way of living life. He makes one realize that if one door closes another door opens. Life is an opening.
  • He had been a Sport Psychology coach for the cricket team Delhi Dare Devils.“Times of India” in one of their poll on “who talks the best” places Swami Ji as the one, who tops the list on all counts as the best speaker.
  • Swamiji is the author of many bestsellers whose books have sold over a million in more than 113 titles in different languages.
  • Swamiji was invited as a dignitary on five different panels at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and was a special invitee to the United Nation World Millennium Summit of Spiritual Leaders.
  • He was invited as a ‘ Corporate Guru’ to deliver key note address on ‘Leadership & Change Management’ at Gyan Sangam as the star attraction at the finance ministry retreat which was attended by the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, The RBI Governor & Senior North Block officials, Chairmen &Directors of various nationalized banks and financial institutions to bring about banking reforms. It was termed as a great success and invited him again as a keynote speaker in Gyan Sangam 2 for Bank CEO’s.

Swami Sukhabodhananda

Swami Sukhabodhananda, International Management, Spiritual Guru & Renowned Author whose books sold over a million in 113 titles in different languages

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