E-lab – the extraordinary program

The following write up is from Ms. Saniya, Bangalore, India.

“My time in E-lab was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had in my life. Set in a beautiful location lush with flora, the processes of the program touched us deeply as we breathed in fresh air full of natural fragrances. In those three days, I learned so much about my past, my present, and my foreseeable future. The impact of Swamiji’s teachings was so strong that I was able to put many things into motion in my day-to-day life. Some of them are sitting in quietude to relax my mind, portraying my emotions using different art forms like drawing and singing, indulging in spiritual practices among many things. This year, I wished to live for a cause greater than myself, but I was always stubbed by my mental instability. So I knew I had to work on myself first, and E-Lab was the motivation and the key.

Swamiji is a man of honour, happiness, and unique wisdom. He did not just speak his thoughts out, but he expressed them in a unique, understandable way that knocked sense into each one of us. I was able to connect with so many truths that people ignored so often. He highlighted these truths with examples and poetry, so I was able to connect my relatable real-life incidents. He not only spoke but he also actively participated along with us which said a ton about his open-mindedness, and that he practiced what he preached. He gave us an opening to reach out to ourselves and other people. We were introduced to techniques to reach inner mindfulness so that it’s easier to deal with reality.  The death process was the most intriguing experience that helped boost my power of imagination and appreciate life in its true essence. I was also impressed with his deep knowledge of diverse cultures and developing generation.

He taught us the art of surrendering, being grateful, bringing happiness from within, being in peace with detrimental incidents to come and to sail through life. Some of my favourite understandings were to be humble, to be open to accepting, processing and still loving the world around me, to motivate and learn every day as knowledge itself can be crippling, to chase creative happiness than outsourcing happiness from people and things, and not have attachments that bind me. Most importantly, he taught us how to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I also broke many inhibitions and conservativeness and did the activities that I was never ready to do like dance aimlessly, scream, cry and laugh for no apparent reason, and give affection to people without knowing them. It was a well-rounded program that teaches a man to live, learn, and love.”

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