Depressed? How can we overcome sorrow and negative thoughts?

A lot of us have made large investments in sorrow. It is something we have built very unconsciously. To this unconscious construct, we then apply logic that justifies our misery.

‘Get married to my wife and know how miserable life is.’

‘Work for my boss and know what it’s like to be a slave.’

Each one of us has got a lot of logic and reason that we believe is infallible. It supports our ignorant approach to life. So when a Guru comes along and tells you that you don’t deserve to be unhappy, it can feel like the rug is pulled out from under your feet. Please remember this: the job of a master is to speak the truth. In the Gita, the Lord says: you don’t deserve to be unhappy.

Take death: when death visits us, it can be one of our greatest sorrows. To this, Lord Krishna says, look within. There is something in you that is eternal. It will never die. Your perception of death has to change.

A body that is born is bound to die. If you are standing for Dharma, then you should be happy that you’re fighting for a good cause. Death is constantly happening. Our childhood dies to usher in our young adult life. In a short few years, our youth dies to bring in middle age. Before we know it, old age has slowly crept in on us. We are all dead to our yesterdays and each morning, we are born again to our present one. One thing is certain: death is inevitable. And it is natural. So why be in constant conflict with that which is a part of nature?

We have become negative and allowed our negative thoughts to take over our lives. Unless this is shattered it is not possible to overcome our sorrow and be happy. There is something formless in you. Please discover that. The formless has no death. There is something in us all that is deathless. Don’t stop at superficiality. Look at yourself more deeply. Life is a great awakening.

The teachings in Gita and ancient scriptures should be applied. Life is as complicated as a maze. You have to pass through it facing all its challenges. It is easy to get lost. The Gita is the magical, sacred thin thread, invisible to those who are blind, that can guide you out of the maze. Hold onto that. Hold onto that truth of the enlightened beings. By doing so, you will be able to come out of the maze.

These verses should be understood in an applied mode. Practice the Gita in the most difficult situations. The whole focus is in practising. Can you bring the light of awareness to the dark areas of your life?

A student asks: What can I do to be enlightened?

His Guru says: As much as you can do to make the sun rise and set.

The student asks again: Then what is the use of all these spiritual practices?

His Guru responds: Only to make sure that you are awake when the sun rises and sets.


So be awake. Awake to your inner realities. 

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