Circle of Conscious Humanity

We are so unconscious that we create our own prisons and get used to it. Some even decorate the prison and think it is their abode. The mind has become a machine to create psychological prison and man has become mechanical machine. In such a state, it is necessary to draw support from a person who has escaped the prison to get out of the prison. Such a person is called a guru, a master. Worshipping him is not the solution but learning from him how he escaped the prison is essential. One has to become available to his files and scripts on how he escaped and respectfully act on it. It is not getting bound by his methods but to develop clarity on his method. To have clarity on his method is not getting bound by it but being enhanced by it. It is more than imitating, but it is more like uplifting you.

In this whole process, there is a struggle, and if one is against one’s struggle then one creates a subtle prison. There is a deep purpose in struggle. In and through those struggles, one can grow or drown.


Why should there be struggle?

Struggle is existence’s method to bring about crystallization in us. One has to become conscious of one’s struggles. The struggle is between “yes and no” in us. At many points in life, one has to decide between “yes and no” and in that process, there is a struggle. But if one is alert and aware, there is an enhancement through one’s inner alertness. There are some masters especially in India who makes the teaching difficult to receive. A person receiving any teachings, which is easy to receive, takes the teachings for granted. The unawareness of the person, which facilitate taking the teaching for granted, cannot digest the content of the teaching.

Gurdjieff, who is known for having his teaching sessions anywhere, will suddenly cancel his teaching session. His students who were waiting to hear him feel disappointed. In this process, Gurdjieff wanted his students to observe their disappointment and be available to receive his teachings even in a café. In life too, one can learn in any situation, and one has to accept situations too.


What do you mean by crystallization? Does it not make one mechanical?

We have all suffered because we have been mechanical. This mechanical nature has made man a machine. Should we encourage this? Don’t stop at the words I have said and instead look into the context of what is said or written. Stopping at the words is a mechanical process. Word is an indicator indicating the indicated which is other than the indicator. Language is used to convey. Hence, there is a notable limitation, and at the same time a strong possibility.

Now, let us observe deeply. Life has struggles. Since life has choices, one has to choose. Hence, there is a “yes and no” in each one of us. This is the struggle. “Yes” to certain women and “no” to her certain quality, “yes” to this job but “no” to the boss, “yes” to getting married but “no” to the loss of freedom, “yes” to having a child and “no” for the time which need to be spent on bringing up the child. The whole process is a struggle.

This struggle can whip us in sorrow or lift us for creative adjustments. One can use struggle to adjust creatively one’s life, and create options in that limitation. There is “yes” and “no” struggle is a fact. In that struggle if a person feels victimized then that victimization becomes his inner crystallization, in other words his pattern.


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