The Body and Soul Balance

When a person gets too old to set a bad example, she or he usually starts giving good advice. Observing fast when one is suffering from severe indigestion does not qualify as ritual abstinence from food, does it? Let us stop such practices of making a virtue out of necessity. Let us first walk our talk before we ask others…

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Learnings from E-lab

The following write-up is provided by Smt. Lekha, Coorg, India. “I have been Swamiji’s shishya ever since I attended the first Mantra yoga class more than 11 years back. Have attended 2 e labs. I practice kara-nyas and anga-nyas every day, as also the mantras and the meditations. Have read and still reading his books. I lost my son 10…

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Uplifting experience at the E-Lab

This testimonial about the Existential Lab is provided by Sri Soma P, Bangalore, India. “This E-lab is set in a mango groove in an extremely natural and serene atmosphere and conducive ambience for an elated experience for the participants! There was plenty of music, sacred fire and dance as an expression of ecstasy! Swamiji conducted the sessions with dexterity providing…

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Prasanna Trust: Serving the Poor

Serving the marginalized and the poorest of the poor irrespective of class, creed, religion, colour or caste since 1982.