Bringing in Wisdom

Swamiji, what is wisdom?

When the quality of our consciousness changes for the better and leads us to peace, that is wisdom. This wisdom is born out of goodness.

When the ego is absent, love appears as an inclusive love. Without wisdom, love is exclusive. Please understand, exclusive love does not think of others. But when love becomes inclusive, it feels like an expansion.

Just listen to this story:

One day God appeared to a monk. He told the monk to ask for a boon.

The monk gently replied, “I don’t want anything. The state of not wanting anything is my inner strength.”

God said, “But it is my duty to give whenever I manifest. You must ask me for something.”

The Monk paused for a moment before replying. “I don’t want anything,” he said. “I really feel complete with life. When I look around me, there is abundance everywhere. I rejoice in this abundance. I really don’t want anything.”

But God was insistent. “I can give you any power you want. I can grant you a power that when you touch others, they will be happy or rich or healed. It is imperative for me to give you something. So ask!”

After some thought, the monk finally replied. “I can see your need to give and my need not to ask. But if something must be given, do me a favor. Make it so that wherever my shadow falls, on any person or place, let there be peace and joy there.”

This story has a lesson. Did you understand it?

What was the lesson, Swamiji?

A lesson should inspire a person. When a person gets inspired and walks in the right direction, there is wisdom. The story shows us that the monk did not have self-interest. If you look at people’s lives, everyone is bothered only about themselves. Nowadays people are filled with ‘self-interest,’ and self-interest is an inner prison.

But Swamiji, how can one be without self-interest?

By being inclusive. Your self should be inclusive and not exclusive. Let me give you my own example. During the lock-down period, Prasanna Trust has been instrumental in providing food to more than 2 lakh migrant workers. My online program, “6 hidden secrets of Mantra healing,” has been launched to aid this Anna Daana service. In this process, I have expanded my Self to be inclusive.

So you can see, being inclusive includes ‘me’ as well as others. And that is creative living, is it not? If one lives only for oneself, then one will use the other person. But if one’s life includes oneself and others as well, then one is selfless. Selfless simply means ‘less of the self.’

Oh, I see what you are saying. In that process, I serve others and myself. It means I respect the macro, and macro includes the micro.

Now, this is wisdom. Wisdom is not about words but action. An action that is not dominated by the ego, but is inspired by purity. In this process, a different healing happens.

Can you inspire me a little more in this direction of wisdom? 

At their core, every person is good. Wisdom lies in connecting to the good in people and encouraging that, so that the goodness becomes their center.

Life is a journey. Every person is going from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ Let us make this journey enjoyable, exciting, and adventurous. God is a great architect. He did not build this universe with no purpose. The staircase God built has a purpose. It does not end in emptiness.

I feel inferior when I meet knowledgeable and wise people, Swamiji.

No one can make you feel inferior, unless your mind allows it. You need to change your mind. You must purify the mind by living with purpose. Bring in wisdom by chanting mantras. This will help you to change your frequency to a higher vibration. Then, wisdom will begin to flow into your life mysteriously.

Deeply knowing one’s Self is the beginning of wisdom. When we live life as a contribution to ourselves and others, we free ourselves from inner dragons of foolishness.

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